Terms & Conditions

The process

After you have submitted your order, an email will be sent to you that includes your order details. This email will also include a short checklist of the content that you need to provide for your website.

After receiving your order, I will create and send an invoice to you as soon as possible.

Payment process & details

Please note that 40% of the full price has to be paid as a deposit before the development process can start. Don't fret—in addition to having to pay the hosting company to set up your new domain and having to buy your template from BeTheme, I use this model as a precautionary measure to filter out sketchy customers. After you have received the invoice, the deposit can be paid. The remaining 60% can be paid after the site has been deployed.

In the event of you changing your mind about wanting the website halfway through development, you do not have to pay for the website, but you lose the deposit.

If you have purchased a custom domain, you will be charged a monthly fee of R130—the hosting companies charge monthly fees for custom domains. If you miss a payment, the site will remain live for another month, thereafter the site will go down until all the payments have been made.

After deployment

After the site has been deployed, you have the two (2) revisions (You can make additional changes twice), that will expire 3 weeks after deployment. Any changes thereafter will be charged depending on the magnitude of the changes.

If you have chosen a CMS website, I will supply you with tutorial videos on how to manage your own content on your chosen theme.

I will cast an occasional eye on your website from a maintaince perspective to ensure that things keep running smoothly. Should there be any server issues, I will sort it out with the hosting company as soon as possible.

Should you wish to maintain the website yourself, an account with the hosting company will be created for you and your domain will be transferred to it. Thereafter, you will need to hook up a debit order with the hosting company for your domain to remain live.

In the event of you ever wanting to take the site down, then we can do so whenever you want—there are no waiting/notice periods. Please note, though, that if a domain is cancelled, it goes back on to the public market.


Please keep communication professional or I will be forced to cancel development and refund your purchase (note that you will only be refunded if I terminate the transaction. If you choose to cancel the transaction mid-development you will still lose your deposit).