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Look, I know you don't have the time to watch 700 tutorial videos about using some promising website builder, only to realise that you need their support team's help when bugs eventually find their way into the functionality.

Not to mention the the frustration when you realise that good design is essential to gaining a high conversions rate.

You could even possess both, but without a solid understanding of important concepts and elements like SEO, CMS, APIs, UI/UX, mobile-first design, email security, server software, etc. your business could be idle or even exposed.

So, if you're keen, I can build your website for you without you having to worry about any of these things. It's a 3-step process → Check it out

Start by selecting a template

Click the link to view the 450+ templates. When you see something you like, come back and select your option. All templates are fully customizable to have your site looking unique and original.

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and then

Select a Price

Domains ? A domain is the URL of your website, e.g. are included in the price, but keep in mind that custom domains have a monthly fee of R99 → More about domains


R7 890

← All of the above
CMS ? Log into your very own back-end dashboard where you can maintain and update your site.
50 Email Addresses
Google Analytics/Hotjar ? Track and analyze the viewers on your site for data analysis.
Advanced SEO ? Dramatically improve your Google ranking with advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


R4 890

Choose from 450+ Templates
Multi page ? Have a multi-paged website with links clicking out to different pages.
20 Email Addresses
Contact Form
Basic SEO ? Improve your Google ranking with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

One Pager

R2 890

Choose from 450+ Templates
One page ? Your entire site is built in one page for better viewing. (Siteshop is a onepager)
10 Email Addresses
Contact Form
Basic SEO ? Improve your Google ranking with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Have Questions?

Good—knowledge is power!

What is the process?

You start by selecting a template that you like. You then pick a package that suits your needs and submit your order.

After you have submitted your order, an email will be sent to you that includes your order details. This email will also include a short checklist of the content that you need to provide for your website.

After receiving your order, I will create and send an invoice to you. Please note that 40% of the full price has to be paid as a deposit before the development process can start. Don't fret—in addition to having to pay the hosting company to set up your new domain and having to buy your template from BeTheme, I use this model as a precautionary measure to filter out sketchy customers. After you have received the invoice, the deposit can be paid. The remaining 60% can be paid after the site has been deployed.

What are my domain options?

A domain is basically just the URL of your website, e.g.

You have 2 domain options:
• You could have a subdomain of, which is free. Your URL would look something like this: "".
• Or you could have a custom domain. A custom domain looks something like this: "". Custom domains are charged R99 p/m to remain active.

Choose a domain name that is simple and easy to remember, yet original without special characters like dashes and fullstops.

What content do I need to provide?

A short checklist of the content you need to provide for your new site (will also be mailed to you):

1. Your logo (an absent logo is fine, but will be replace with text)
2. Your brand colours (if the logo does not include it)
3. Specific images you want to include (I can source generic images for you if you prefer)
4. A Word document with ALL the text for your site, e.g. about us, our services/products etc.
5. Any links you want to include, e.g. your blog, Facebook page, Instagram page etc.
6. The names for the email adresses you want to create with the website.

What if I want special features on my site?

All the packages allow for special features and can be added to your site. Simple features are free, but more complex featured are charges for, based on complexity.

Examples of simple features:
1. Table displaying data
2. Sliders, videos, galleries etc.

Examples of complex features:
1. Inputs saving data to a database
2. E-commerce and payment gateways
3. Automation

What if I want a custom designed site?

I unfortunately do not provide custom designed sites at this point in time, although the 450+ available templates are fully customizable. Branding, colours and content will be updated to have your site looking completely unique.

If you have a website that has already been designed, but need someone to build it, then maybe we can work something out.

What is BeTheme?

BeTheme is a responsive multipurpose theme from Muffingroup. Muffingroup builds high-quality website themes. They are one of few companies that I trust to deliver a professional product, which is why I currently only work with their products.